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DXQequipment.analytics – Data recording and analysis

DXQequipment.analytics benefits

Data of the last 14 days is permanently available for analysis

  • Rapidly find the data you need using filters. Filters are selected based on time or production data
  • Perform historical analyses using automatically generated database backups

Faster troubleshooting increases plant availability

  • Identify the causes of errors fast using detailed information
  • Improve failure detection by cross comparisons of different robots
  • Harness external support easily with the integrated export feature

Efficient process optimization helps to increase the first-run rate

  • The visual comparison of data enables the recognition of trends in production quality or plant status
  • Thanks to the export feature, outside experts can assist with process optimization

License Terms

An online glimpse into the spray booth: with DXQequipment.analytics, Dürr has developed a piece of software that can collect, analyze and display robot and process data. This achieves more efficient processes, eliminates malfunctions, helps with maintenance tasks, and ensures product quality.

Permanent real-time recording of process and motion data on a HMI-PC

What is happening in the spray cells? What is the status of robots, atomizers, dosing pumps, and the color change system?
The basic modules of the new DXQequipment.analytics software consist of a data recorder, a database, and a visualization for graphically displaying and analyzing the results on the station computer. This basic package is complemented by additional modules for automated analysis and IoT connectors to higher-level systems. The new software is included as standard in the programming and parameterization software (DXQ3D.onsite) for application robots.

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