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DXQequipment.maintenance – Digital Maintenance Assistant


Maintenance at the right time – The digital maintenance management for the entire paint shop

  • All maintenance tasks are displayed and monitored automatically across the entire paint shop
  • Maintenance planning using run times, counters, and intelligent wear models
  • Maintenance database adapted and optimized for the respective plant
  • Seamless documentation of maintenance performed
  • Users can adjust maintenance intervals, add their own documentation, and create new tasks

License Terms

Maintenance made easy: the digital Maintenance Assistant helps you with the maintenance of your painting and sealing robots. Using a traffic-light system, the software simultaneously indicates maintenance that is due now and in the near future. The intelligent system bases the need for maintenance on the plant’s actual condition. This ensures high availability over the long term.

Green: All clear | Yellow: Schedule maintenance | Red: Immediate maintenance required

An illuminated green wrench on the screen indicates: everything is fine. If it is yellow, you should schedule maintenance in the near future. If red, maintenance tasks are required immediately. With this intuitive system, the DXQequipment.maintenance shows you precisely what steps are needed.

In the newly developed software, Dürr has integrated an entire series of functions that support trouble-free operation of the robots. In the past, the type and time of maintenance tasks were documented in an instruction manual. Maintenance is now based on the actual use of the individual plant components and is not performed according to purely time-based maintenance intervals.

The actual status of a spray booth is determined using everything from component operating times, counters and test functions to intelligent wear models. This preventive maintenance planning is essential for further service measures, which in turn increase the plant uptime availability over the long term.

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